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Why You Have to Enhance Your Unfavorable Evaluations written by John Jantsch check out more at Duct Tape Marketing

hug-your-hatersMarketing Podcast with Jay Baer

Okay, I’ll admit, the headline for this post most likely seems a little odd, so let me discuss.

Nobody likes or wants damaging evaluations, however the truth is, that’s how you improve.

In a best world, everything your business does makes the customer smile, however I do not know a lot of companies that stay in that world.

In truth, it is rather most likely, there are lots of things your business does that are complicated, irritating and surprising – – the problem is that it’s also fairly likely that you have no idea what those things are.

By encouraging and rewarding individuals to provide your feedback at every turn, you can find out and hopefully fix things that do not serve – – without this state of mind you’ll go thoughtlessly out there questioning why you cannot keep your finest clients delighted and devoted.

My guest for this week’s episode of the Duct Tape Marketing Podcast is Jay Baer, creator of Convince and Convert, and author of Hug Your Haters: How to Welcome Complaints and Keep Your Consumers. We go over client service, the nature of complaints in today’s market and the fundamentals of improving your customer retention.

Baer explains why a lot of businesses despite damaging feedback and why you can’t afford to do so. In Hug Your Haters he relates a story of a marketing officer who claimed that her primary current goal was to triple unfavorable reviews. Now, while that may appear like an awful thing to do on the surface area, the point is she was just going to motivate and include her clients in the process of helping them get much better – – and that’s the lesson this book teaches so eloquently.

Customer support is the brand-new marketing!

Questions I ask Jay:

  • How can you see Customer care as a competitive differentiator?
  • Why is exceptional customer support so rare?
  • Exactly what’s the first thing you should do to improve your client service?

What you’ll find out if you give a listen:

  • How you can turn a grievance into a raving fan
  • The root of the majority of your consumers’ problems
  • How negative feedback impacts your mindset as an entrepreneur